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The glossy pages of Ocean Style reveal a Caribbean that is modern, sophisticated and worldly through a captivating mix of fashion and lifestyle with a strong, clear Caribbean essence.

Described in some circles as the 'Vogue of the Caribbean' with its avant-garde approach to high end fashion coupled with the very best in the exquisite Caribbean lifestyle, Ocean Style blends the finest in fashion, beauty, food, luxury travel and entertainment with engaging features and profiles of celebrities and personalities to showcase the good life to be had in the Caribbean.

Ocean Style delivers its unique fashion and lifestyle mix at an unsurpassed level of quality in Caribbean periodicals.

We target an influential audience with a robust disposable income and a craving for the best of all things. Our editorial mission is to provide this unique market segment a special insiderís view of the wonderful lifestyle available in the Caribbean.

Ocean style delivers an unduplicated, highly valued demographic that is educated, affluent and upwardly mobile with a taste for luxury and unique experiences. Our upscale renders have an affinity for the Caribbean and possess a strong sense of self and confidence in their future prosperity. These financially secure and aspirant readers are a vibrant and a viable target market with developing tastes and expanding appetites for lifeís best things, from luxury automobiles to exotic vacations.

Our readers regularly engage in leisure travel, high-end shopping, fine dining and luxury entertainment. They thrive to learn more about their travel destinations and seek to surround themselves with luxury services and amenities in the Caribbean and around the world. Our audience enjoys and will treat themselves to the best spas, weekend getaways, sports and music events and fine dining experiences.

We strive to be a publication that can make any Caribbean citizen or aficionado proud, of the highest standards and sharing space on any newsstand in the world. Through our print and electronic versions we will show the world the rich, fabulous, diverse and engaging life the Caribbean has to offer.